Civil Engineering
Under Graduation

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Semester - III

Transform Calculus, Fourier Series and Numerical Techniques (18MAT31)
Strength of Materials (18CV32)
Fluid Mechanics (18CV33)
Building Materials and Construction (18CV34)
Basic Surveying (18CV35)
Engineering Geology (18CV36)

Semester - IV

Complex Analysis, Probability And Statistical Methods (18MAT41)
Analysis of Determinate Structures (18CV42)
Applied Hydraulics (18CV43)
Concrete Technology (18CV44)
Advanced Surveying (18CV45)
Water Supply & Treatment Engineering (18CV46)

Semester - V

Design of RC Structural Elements (17CV51)
Analysis of Indeterminate Structures (17CV52)
Applied Geotechnical Engineering (17CV53)
Computer Aided Building Planning and Drawing (17CV54)
Air pollution and Control (17CV551)
Masonry Structures (17CV553)
Traffic Engineering (17CV561)

Semester - VI

Construction Management and Entrepreneurship (17CV61)
Design of Steel Structural Elements (17CV62)
Highway Engineering (17CV63)
Water Supply and Treatment Engineering (17CV64)
Matrix Method of Structural Analysis (17CV652)
Alternative Building Materials (17CV653)
Water Resource Management (17CV661)

Semester - VII

Municipal and Industrial Waste Water Engineering (15CV71)
Design of RCC and Steel Structures (15CV72)
Hydrology and Irrigation Engineering (15CV73)
Design of Bridges (15CV741)
Ground Water & Hydraulics (15CV742)
Urban Transportation and Planning (15CV751)

Semester - VIII

Quantity Surveying and Contracts Management (15CV81)
Design of Pre Stressed Concrete Elements (15CV82)
Earthquake Engineering (15CV831)
Pavement Design (15CV833)


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