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Manufacture of Bamboo Bricks

Building blocks

DrRajakumara H N
&DrLatha M S



Penetrable Interlocking Concrete road divider Blocks

As pervious concrete blocks are provided throughout the length of the road, any amount of water falling on the road can be easily and effectively drained off to the drainage systems.




Low Cost Sustainable interlocking Bricks

Low cost interlocking bricks to improve wall-construction flexibility, the effects of brick irregularities on wall alignment accuracy and wall behaviour (stiffness, strength) when subject to lateral forces.


In Progress


Pervious Kerb Blocks with Optical Fibre Illuminators

Kerb block is moulded using both pervious concrete to allow drainage and regular concrete through which optical fibres have been laid to facilitate the driver with visibility of the road edges illuminated by light passing through the optic fibres.

Ms. Arati Reddy Nilap

In Progress


Water Treatment of Domestic Waste Water using Organic Materials

The treatment of domestic waste water collected from the house keeping staff in the college premises. An environmental friendly herbal reagent was used in measured proportions and treated and then tested in the laboratory for various parameters as per WHO standards.

Ms. Arati Reddy Nilap

In Progress


Penetrable concrete Shroud for Trees

To reduce overflowing of water into the city causing water logging at public sectors and residential areas.


In Progress



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